Teknicwood accompanies you in your interior renovation project.
Whether in apartment, house or commercial premises, our multidisciplinary and experienced team provides all the renovation work, the second work.


Walls and ceilings

Renovation of walls and ceilings consists of :

  • To prepare them by doubling them with plasterboard thus creating a thermal and / or phonic insulation
  • To take back or (re) make the plaster plaster (smoothing and sanding)
  • To apply paint, earthenware, stucco decorative painting, lime iron, wallpaper, etc.

We can help you choose a wall covering that will respect the experience and style of the place.


Example of highlighting a ceiling


Arrangement of space : partitions or openings

A renovation can lead to a rearrangement of volumes and living spaces.
Our team takes care of dismantling, demolition and evacuation of rubble.
The creation of partitions or floors is also reflected in terms of thermal insulation and / or sound.


Replacing or adding frames

Essential for good thermal and sound insulation, the replacement of doors and / or windows reduces the energy bill.
Windows, French windows, double or triple glazed windows are a guarantee of comfort in a home.
To enlarge an opening or make a passage between two rooms, the doors in wall or in partition are adapted to the constraints of place.
There are many solutions, feel free to ask questions.


Insulation and Ventilation

Insulation works reduce energy consumption by conserving heat (heating) or cooling (air conditioning).
Good ventilation improves air quality by controlling humidity and CO2 emissions.



This service consists of repairing the floors: rerouting or screed.
Then to put a coating : tiling, laminate or solid parquet, PVC, etc.


Electricity and low currents

We are renovating the electrical installation, if necessary with upgrading.
ideally, the electrical installation is recessed or put in place behind the plasterboard, we adapt to all situations.
We are at your disposal for the definition of the implantation of the luminous points.
Of course, we install networks of weak currents, essential for the operation of our computer science, our home automation, etc.



We carry out the complete installation and the repair of your plumbing in apartment or house: toilets, rooms of water, bathrooms, kitchens, laundries.
We are able to intervene on the supply (hot and cold water) and the evacuation of waste water.


Respect for places

We attach paramount importance to the quality of our work.
That's why we strive to respect the place.
Disassembly and evacuation are done with care.
The places are always clean and in good condition.

An example of successful renovation